Onur Arslan DP&Analysis Senior Project Manager

When I was born in 1988, the calendar was showing April 27. I went to Poet Behçet Kemal Çağlar Elementary School and then to Besiktas High School. I graduated from Anadolu University, Department of Business Administration.

My first work experience started when my budgerigar ran away from home on a summer day when I was 10. After a few hours I couldn’t find it, so I started an apprenticeship in the barbershop to get a new one. After earning enough money to buy a budgerigar, I immediately left work. Playing football with my friends was, of course, more attractive.

In 2009, when paper and pen surveys were not retired yet, data entry, which a friend of mine described as “sitting in front of a computer and entering what it says on the paper into the computer” introduced me to the market research sector. I entered data for about 2 years in Gfk.

I met the DP Department in 2011 and after working as Data Operator for about 1 year, I said goodbye to that due to my military service.

2014 yılında Akademetre’de Bilgi İşlem sorumlusu olarak çalışmaya başladım. Yaklaşık 4 yıl bu görevi yürüttükten sonra 6 ay Proje Departmanında Uzman Yardımcısı olarak çalıştım.

In 2014, I started working at Akademetre as IT Manager. After working in this position for about 4 years, I worked as an Assistant Specialist in the Project Department for 6 months.

In 2014 I married Gizem Arslan. On June 30, 2017, our daughter İdil Zeynep opened her eyes to the world, I became a father. In April 2018 I joined the Sia family. I’m very happy to be a part of this family.