Who we are? Meet the dream team
Hüseyin Tapinç
Managing Director, Founding Partner
I was born on 28 November 1964. My childhood passed in Izmir during school days and in Ayvalık during the Summer. I have listened to "Yaşanmamış Yıllar"; liked Sezen Aksu. I have graduated from Karşıyaka Gazi High School in 1982 and said  "good bye" to Izmir.

I enrolled  in Boğaziçi University, Economics and Administrative Sciences as my first choice in the  1982 student selection exams and came to İstanbul to study Psychology to become a clinical psychologist. In my sophomore year I thought "Should I be a director after I graduate", I had written scenarios for Müjde Ar with my friends from the Cinema Club. She was never aware of this. In my junior year I started as a sociology double major and met Nilüfer Göle as one of my biggest achievements in life; I became her dedicated assistant, worked together, made research together. I got bored of Psychology in my senior year, dropped that  and graduated from Sociology in 1987. Then I worked as a research assistant in this major; this time I  became an official assistant to Nilüfer Göle. I have learned a lot from her.

In 1989, I earned a Master’s Degree scholarship from the British Council and went to England for a year. I  graduated from The University of Essex Sociology Program, where I wrote a thesis on Arabesque Music. I  lost my mother that year. A year before I have listened  to “Strange Weather”; liked Marianne Faithfull.
On the third or fourth day of my return to İstanbul, I met with the General Manager of Pair-Gallup (TNS today) Temel Aksoy with the guidance of Nilüfer Göle. I wasn't aware how much I  was going to get paid after the interview but I had a desk at Piar. Between the years of 1990 and 1994 I  did Marketing research and then social and political research with Temel Aksoy and Bülent Tan in Piar. I  experienced the risks and joys of election research that are shared with political parties and the  media. I worked 10 - 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. Almost every night I went to Hayal Kahvesi and Kemancı and then "numbered places”.  I have enjoyed that a lot.
 When establishing Remark, Temel Aksoy asked me If I would come to the new company he would establish and with the answer "yes" I have made the  decision of my life. Starting from October 1994 I started to work in Plus Remarks. I have worked in Plus Remark, Infratest Burke and NFO Infratest; I have worked with a lot of brands, one company and one "boss".  Within all those years I have  learned a lot from Temel Aksoy and indebted him with regards to research, marketing and life. I have made hundreds of researches, I have lead, I have made friends and mates.  I have succeeded, I have made mistakes. My  was to work with the best teams. In the meantime, I lost my father in 1998 and then I found my life partner  I had two handsome cats.
 We sold our company to Synovate in November of 2005. I was working as a Research Director at the time and carried out the same work till the end of 2007. In the beginning of 2008 I left my job in Synovate Turkey office and I started to work as CEEME region Brand and Communications Research Director, responsible for 14 countries in Synovate.
 I left from Synovate in the last week of February,2009. I have taken my friendships with me, "the poem about the wire-walker's status on the wire" is what  left behind from those days.
We have established Sia İnsight with my friends Başak, Nurdan and Didem at the beginning of November, same year. We are working as a "thought institute" which makes marketing research with a consulting understanding which consults what should be done Sia which symbolizes  mind into being and wisdom sublimed. We are doing what we like with people whom we like; what could be said for a cosmic scenario like that?
Başak Ertunç Bıyıklı
Founding Partner
I am a June child. Even though I my name very which I like very much today  Till my teenage years I have always liked June 28th (1977) which is my birthday. Strangely enough I have always taken pride in being a summer person. I don't know why but I believed that made me sincere, relaxed and outgoing.

I have first seen the light of day in the city of Istanbul which I still love. I always get along well with seagulls, Turkish bagel sellers, red buds, small sailing boat sounds and cobblestone.  That may be the reason why I have chosen to live in Kanlıca which is one of the most modest and cute towns of Bosporus today.

I  spent all my childhood teenage and adult years in Istanbul. In my education which I started in the second half of my 5th  I had gone to Ali Yücel Elementary School, Çağaloğlu Anatolian High School and Istanbul University Faculty of Political Science and completed this adventure by graduating at the age of 21. Right after I applied  enrollment exams for Journalism Master's Degree. I always had a passion for listening to people, talking to them, touching the truth underneath what they are saying, searching for something, knowing something before everybody else and telling what I know. I think at this point the cosmic coincidences should have been chasing me  the paper that  my name on It and notifying  that I  won the exam was  on another wall, which resulted in me missing the oral exam, and found myself in Infratest Burke with a reference of a close friend of my mother where general management was carried out by Temel Aksoy

My research adventure started in an interview on a cold day of January in 1999 with a sincere I  answered to  "Are you ready to carry suitcase to learn this job" , which my manager at the time Dilek Kayın asked. Not just for the sake of story, since  I  really started working the day I went to the interview! After that day, I spent 11 years with the same management team under the names Infratest Burke, NFO Infratest, NFO, Plus Remark and Synovate. In  11 years, I started my job as an assistant at the qualitative department first, then research specialist, then research manager, then qualitative department manager and carried on as research director.  In my last 1.5 years at the Synovate I was  the board of directors, and undertook  advisory duty before I left.  All this time brought me new people, new areas of work, experiences, teams, responsibilities, different job descriptions, different brands and customers. I accepted all with my heart and soul.

I have come by the love of my life, life partner and my better half Atilla Bıyıklı on the first days of 2006 which fall  the  of my career and  married when the first leaves were turning yellow the same year.

And one day, with the great support of my husband and my family, I have decided to make my own way and start walking through there.  Our lifelong friendship and partnership with my partners Hüseyin,Didem and Nurdan made us come together.  We brought Sia into being all together. We have been life, breath, water to  Sia tree. Now we continue to grow  with joy and keep It alive.

As Sia Insight we are team researching to create thought. We look to discover the consumer and what they conceal deep inside. Our intuitions are strong. We tend to reflect our intellectual accumulation to our work. We have a young and dynamic approach, we do not like to define ourselves with norms and boundaries but creativity and specialty.

Welcome to Sia World...
Didem Okumuşoğlu
Founding Partner
I born in Ankara in 1977. I spent the first 4 years of my childhood in Adana, BOTAS Ceyhan facilities because of my father's work and the time till the  of Grade School Senior Year in Ankara. This journey from sea to steppe destined to another maritime city at the age of 14; Istanbul.  I completed my high school education in İstek Vakfı Uluğbey High School. I studied management in Istanbul Unıversity.

Throughout my education life, I have  the "stick to 5 do not pass over 6" principle,  even though I got higher grades most of the time.  It is completely by coincidence.
Life out of school was always more attractive to me. Throughout my university years I performed theater , took Art History and Philosophy Lessons from Painting and Sculpture Museums. During those lessons I learned from Yalçın Sadak not only lesson subjects but "Knowing One's Place" towards life culture.  I had the opportunity to work with Tomris Uyar.
I believed creativity is the practice of completing what is lacking, therefore to complete myself I wrote, I have started off with poetry then with the woman specific tell-in-detail passion, I wrote stories.

My first introduction to Research world 1996. I made my internship  then-called Plus Remark. Research was fun but my personal dream was literature. When school was finished and I started looking for a job,  my way come across with research again. I am in the 19th year of this adventure today which I started by saying "let me start then I can leave when I find something that better suits my dreams “. What made a better job than defining people for someone who likes to define people?
In 2001, I started Arts Management Master's Program.

I worked at the same company for 10 years till January,2010. Mergers were very common in Research sector. As for Our company it has always been one of the most liked and most desired; exactly because for this very reason I have worked in the same company under 5 different brand names; Remark, Infratest Burke, NFO Infratest, Plus Remark and Synovate. With each change, I  the opportunity to learn new/different research approaches. Even though models, approaches, names changed, in the process of all those changes, most of the team which "makes us who we are" stayed together. I believe it is a hard to find pleasure to work with people one values and likes; I was lucky!
I  married Gökhan Okumuşoğlu on 23 May 2014, our first son Uğur born  30 June 2011; I became a mother. Our second son Deniz 23 May 2014.

I started a new era in my life with Sia in January 2010. At Sia Insight, which we established together with Nurdan, Hüseyin and Başak whom I was working together for years and feeling we accumulated together, we were reviewing our work and life experiences all the way from the beginning and  off everything from the baseline; understanding "people"...
We are aiming to support our business partners in their strategic decision processes with our tailor-made marketing research. We perceive each project as a creation process and feel excited.
Nurdan Pak
Founding Partner
I born in Ankara in 1976  Taurus. My childhood years passed in Balıkesir and Diyarbakır,  in 1994 I graduated from Eskişehir Anadolu High School.
Because of my father's occupation I got the chance to recognize differences, in different cities.

I see qualities like accepting differences, starting from scratch and most importantly understanding people are what this lifestyle me. Research is one of the world's most beautiful but one of the hardest jobs. Understanding people and telling It to the people therefore pleasant

I came to Istanbul in 1994 with my luggage in hand.  I off the train and breathed Istanbul's air. Istanbul became the city that I have lived in the longest and the liked .
I graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Political Science International Relations. I have performed theater acting, made translations for Amnesty International, I have worked and I had fun during my university years.  I met my life partner during those years.

I have worked in Infratest Burke, NFO Infratest, Plus Remark and Synovate between 1999 and 2010; even though there has been a lot of name changes, I have worked with same team and same boss for  years. this period I have learned a lot from Temel Aksoy both with regards to work and work ethics. I worked with the best teams, I had the best friends.

I got married to Ayberk Pak in 2000, I became a mother in 2009 with our son Tuna's and daughter Rüya's birth.

In November 2010, I joined the team which I have worked with for nearly 10 years,  Sia Insight, production center of works that are structured on trust, sincerity and pleasure and I am doing this job with people I like.
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